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Medium and short hair perm wig

Today, we recommend 9 glamorous short hair wigs, with a perm design that is more fashionable and suitable for a variety of face types. Short hair control sisters come in and have a look!

The MM with whiter skin color can try brown hair dyeing, fluffy perm is simple and fashionable, and instantly turns into a street shooter.

In the middle of the bangs, the scalloped arc is burned in front of the forehead, covering the flesh of the cheeks invisibly, and the fluffy perm makes you look slimmer.

This shredded short human hair wigs perm personality is cute and cute.

Thick short hair perm with brown hair color, thick and gorgeous, just right to highlight your unyielding personality.

Bobo head is also a must-have trend for popular short hair. The elegant bangs outline a delicate goose egg face, and the fluffy hair tail makes you look aura.

The short brown hair is radiant and shiny, which echoes the white complexion and is sweet and pleasant.

Dark brown short curly hair highlights the white color of the skin, and the three-dimensional short hair perm is temperament.

If you have less hair, you can try this kind of short hair perm. The fluffy hair makes the head shape plump, and the bangs above the eyebrows are refreshing.

The short hair pear head is sweet and cute, and the romantic brown hair color gives you a romantic experience. The soft and fluffy perm effect of the round makes the big round face more delicate and compact.