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How to care for your hair every day

Hair care remember this 7 points

 1. Hair should be washed every two days, and every time you wash, use conditioner. When washing your hair, remember to use warm water, the water temperature should not be too high.

2. Change shampoo frequently. I have been staring at a brand of shampoo for a long time. Even the best shampoo has no effect. Therefore, I suggest you buy a small bottle of shampoo. If you don't know if your favorite shampoo is easy to use, go buy a sample and try it out.

3. Use a comb to comb the hair. This action looks very simple, but it is very good for the hair, making the hair smooth and shiny.

4. Choose a hair wigs dryer with better quality. After washing your hair, dry it with a towel, then wait for it to dry naturally, or use a constant temperature hair dryer.

How to maintain your hair every day? These methods are very damaging to your hair.

5. Make one or two hair masks a week. Once or twice a week, after washing your hair, dry your hair slightly, then apply a mask, massage gently with your hands, and after 15 minutes, wash off, the hair will become very smooth. If you have a hair mask, you can choose to go to the supermarket to buy it, or you can choose DIY yourself.

6. Regularly go to the barber shop for care. Those girls whose hair looks very beautiful, in addition to their usual hair management, will go to the barber shop for care. If you have this economic strength, then go, it is really better than your own care.

7. Give nutritious water to the hair in summer. In summer, the hair is very easy to dry. Remember to apply some nutrient water to your hair at any time.